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Rich was first introduced to the concept of Tiny Houses through his daughter, Annelise. He has 30 years of experience in construction and irrigation contracting. He combines his jack-of-all-trades skills with his serious timber-frame construction hobby and applies this to Tiny House building. The ample space and well-supplied workshop make Rich’s home the ideal place to build Tiny Houses. In his spare time Rich also enjoys turning wooden bowls on a lathe and making rocking animals.


11390082_10204172991034005_6519778045976668820_nAnnelise is the designer of Brevard Tiny House’s floor plans. Dating back to a career-decisions class in 6th grade when she outlined her future in a paper entitled “Annelise the Architect,” Annelise has had  an interest in home design for many years. Her college studies were in Sociology, and Annelise hopes that BTHC will merge her passion for drawing with social and environmental justice.



Jake began as Dale’s “lil’ helper,” assisting in the construction of his own home during high school. He further developed his carpentry and construction skills under the mentorship of Rich, and together they built an outdoor chapel in Jake’s senior year of high school. Jake’s inspiration for building tiny houses grew from the combination of his love of woodworking and his commitment to sustainable living. He is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Geosciences, and lives in the original Brevard Tiny House.


dale A life long career in summer camp maintenance work has given Dale all the skills he needs in construction, plumbing and electrical to make him an essential part of the Brevard Tiny House Team. Dale taught both of his sons the importance of carpentry skills from an early age, and is now proud to see his oldest, Jake, put them to use through Brevard Tiny House. Dale helped build the first Tiny House, and looks forward to building more. He lives with his wife, Trish, and his dog, JJ.



Marielle is the web designer of Brevard Tiny House company. She is the photographer behind most of BTHC’s pictures, and the manager of the website and social media outlets. Marielle enjoys hiking and backpacking all around the world, including a one-month trip in the Absaroka Range, and most recently a trek around New Zealand, but her favorite place is hiking at home in the southern Appalachians.



Jeanne is a major behind-the-scenes asset to Brevard Tiny House Company. She keeps all the nitty gritties of the business under control– organizing, inventorying, budgeting, etc. She’s the team mom and feeds us regularly. Jeanne is also a public elementary school teacher, and spends her time thinking of creative ways to nurture the next generation of wonderful citizens.


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