Tiny Houses

Select a Tiny House from below to see more pictures of the building process, interior, and what it’s like to live tiny

Keep on the Sunny Side

An 8×24 ft. “ladder living” home with comfy furniture, a fantastic pantry, and a bright interior and exterior!

Sunny Side Exterior 5

Robins Nest

An 8×24 ft. “climbing stairs” home with ornate woodwork, white-washed walls, and a fun front porch!

From the front loft, a view of the whole interior!

Home Run

An 8×24 ft. “climbing stairs” home with abundant storage, a side entrance, open floor plan, shed roof, and a cool baseball theme!


36° North

An 8×30 ft. tiny home with floor storage and two lofts.



An 8×24 design featuring two lofts, stair storage, and a bathtub


Every Tiny Moment 

An 8×24 ft. tiny home with floor storage, a large bathroom, and a unique loft


 Fort Austin

An 8×24 ft. tiny home featuring exciting stairs, beautiful interior woodwork, and two sleeping lofts.



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