The Building Process

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Tiny houses can come in a variety of sizes, and with a multitude of custom designs. Depending on the intricacy of the floor plan and custom elements, the building process can take anywhere from 1 to 5 months. During that time, all of the materials are ordered and collected, the trailer is built, and the house is put together. We estimate that most designs can be completed in three months.

Our house was built on a custom-built 8’6″x24′ trailer with two 7,000 pound axles. Fully loaded, the house weighs around 12,000 pounds. It took about a month and a half for the trailer to be ordered and built, during that time materials were collected from around the southeast. Then, kicking off with a 4th of July building party, the house was completed in one month! We had a lot of friends and family volunteer to help out (since it was our first build), and many curious visitors along the way. Building was a blast!

Here are some neat features to look for:

  • Model: Each tiny house will come with a “mini” tiny house model. This models helps us to visualize the building process before it begins, and becomes a fun dollhouse to show to friends!
  • Walnut Beams: Our house features walnut and maple beams milled at our sawmill. It was something that added a personal touch to our home as we were building. The timberframe braces on the porch were also added, as Rich’s signature look.
  • Windows: Our house has a whopping 11 windows! We love being outdoors, and with this many highly efficient windows (all low E, argon gas filled) we are able to feel like we are outside all the time, without experiencing the weather, temperature, or humidity fluctuations. So far it has been perfect for snowy winter days, and the breeze in the summer is incredible!
  • Lights: We have lights in the kitchen, bed loft, bathroom, outside porch, entryway, and a ceiling fan/light combination in the living room. Determining the most convenient placement of your switches is important, even in a tiny house. We designed a switch for both in the bed loft and the kitchen to control the lights in the loft. With this feature, there is no reaching from the ladder to get the lights at night!

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