Our Process

  • Initial Contact: You email us using our ‘contact us’ form. Tell us a little about the floor plan, the design features, the budget, and the timeline you have in mind for your tiny house. We’ll take a look and email you with follow-up questions, ideas, and information.
  • Email: We will go back and forth with you a little bit over email until we get a basic idea for the layout and size of the tiny home you have in mind. We’ll let you know about design features you might want to consider, some potential floor plans, timeline, and budget. Our design process is conducted via email. This allows us to have a record of all customer requests and iterations of the house design. Our design team and builder also work remotely from one another. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.
  • Custom Quote: At this point, we are ready to work with you on a design and price that is specific to your tiny home. Prior to the custom quote we can only speak in generalizations about the potential price of the tiny homes and reference our previous builds. Through the custom quote process we can establish a firm idea for the floor plan of your house, specific features and materials, and will be able to give you an official price quote. We will send you a list of things to think about with the tiny house, and you can send us ideas from Pinterest, your own drawings, lists of features and other ideas. We will work with you until you settle on a design for the floor plan, and feel comfortable about the items picked out for the house. The quote will be unique to your design and features. This process costs $75.
  • Deposit: If you are ready to commit to constructing your tiny home with Brevard Tiny House Company, we ask that you reserve your slot in our build schedule with a $500 non-refundable deposit. We budget 3-4 months for each tiny house build. Please check with us to find out about our build calendar (currently booked until 2018).
  • Construction: By the first day of your scheduled time slot we require a signed contract and 40% deposit. During the first month, the custom trailer is built and construction on the home begins. We also use the first month to finalize, in detail, the decisions made during the custom quote process. We confirm every element of the house with you, so that if you have decided on a different paint color, or weren’t originally sure about your flooring choice but now feel confident, everything is noted.
  • Upon completion of the roughed-in plumbing and electric, usually around the          middle to end of month 2, we require the second 40% deposit.
  • The final 20% deposit is due upon completion of the home. The initial $75 cost and $500 deposit are reduced from this portion of the payment, so they are not additional fees- but instead are investments into your home!
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