Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit and tour a tiny home?

We understand the importance of seeing a tiny house in-person before committing to a tiny lifestyle. However, Brevard Tiny House Company does not operate regular hours at our build site. We’re a small family business located in Western North Carolina and we cannot accommodate the volume of visit/tour requests we receive and still have the time to build the tiny homes in a timely manner. Instead, we encourage you to reach out to existing tiny house communities or attend one of the growing number of tiny house conferences.  We occasionally offer tours of completed tiny homes before they are shipped to the owners, if the owners of the home are comfortable. Information about these will be offered on our Facebook and website “events” page. In the meantime, we have several ‘virtual’ tours so you can get to know our work better. Thank you for understanding!

Contracted customers are welcome to visit the build site to view progress of their tiny home at any time.

What is Brevard Tiny House Company’s phone number and address?

Brevard Tiny House Company is a family operation in western North Carolina. We communicate primarily by email, and because our build site is also our home it is not open for tours or visits except for scheduled special events.

What does custom designed mean?

Every Brevard tiny house design and build is one-of-a-kind. We work with customers to develop the perfect layout for their tiny house. Within each design there is a place for everything, and a consideration of everyday living, so that the homes look Pinterest worthy, yet also are easy to live in!

How tiny is tiny?

All of our tiny houses are built on wheels, and are a maximum of 13’6 high, bringing them well within national bridge clearance standards. Most of our homes have been 8’x24’, but we can build smaller or larger.  Our largest tiny home size is 8’6″x30.

How much does a BTHC tiny home cost?

Please see our price page for more information.

Does BTHC offer financing?

No. Our previous customers have been successful in obtaining loans through local credit unions and banks.

Where can I park my tiny home?

Brevard Tiny House Company is unable to provide specific information regarding parking regulations and ordinances. We encourage future tiny house dwellers to learn about the regulations of their area, as parking permission varies by local codes. Contact public officials in the municipality you plan to park your tiny home (often the zoning/planning department). If looking to rent, be confident in reaching out to local organizations that you may be involved in (churches, schools, clubs), friends or family and their networks, mobile home or RV parks, and even formal ads in the newspaper or online. Keep in mind how you plan to tie in sewer, water, and electric when selecting a location.

Do I have to build on a trailer?

Yes. All of our tiny homes are built on wheels.

Can I purchase a shell?

No. We do not offer shells or incomplete tiny homes of any kind. Our homes include everything you would find in a traditional home, from the insulation in the walls to the kitchen sink! Customers may provide their own appliances.

How do I hook up my utilities?

Your utilities may largely depend on your parking situation. There is a lot of flexibility in being off-the-grid, but conventional utilities can be accommodated in many RV parks or backyard parking. Most utility hook-ups would have to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis between the tiny house dweller and the owner of the land.

Is Brevard Tiny House Company RVIA “certified?”

No, we build tiny homes not RVs, and are not members of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association.

What does moving a tiny house involve? Does Brevard Tiny House Deliver?

Tiny houses are heavier and less aerodynamic than RVs, so it is best to tow them with a large truck, like an F250 (or larger). Brevard Tiny House does not offer delivery services. However, many professional haulers can assist you in moving your tiny home and we are happy to make recommendations.

What’s the Process?

If you are ready to build your tiny home with Brevard Tiny House Company, there are a couple of stages to the process.
1. Get a price estimate for your tiny home through our custom quote process! Send $75 through our paypal (link here) and we will email you with questions about what you envision for your home.
2. Pick a date! Our build calendar can fill up, so reserve a start date with a $500 nonrefundable deposit. Between the reservation and the start date, we’ll work with you to finalize a design.
3. Sign the contract! When we receive the signed contract and first payment, the build officially begins! Our build process takes 3-4 months. During the first month, we order the custom trailer and pre-order some materials. The next 2-3 months are for construction! 40% of the cost is due upfront, 40% is due upon rough-in of electrical and plumbing (about 2 months in), and 20% is due upon completion. In the final payment we will subtract the $575 you invested at the beginning of the build, as a “thank you” for thinking ahead!

Ready to start your build or didn’t find the answer to your question here? Contact us! 


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